I bought a SSP1 from the first batch and it never worked like it should with constant light strikes and issues with the slide locking back only working occasionally.

Shooting one mag I would have a light strike about 1/3 of the shoots, perhaps more. It worked better when it was warmer but never good enough for me to actually play with it, the reliability was not there and customer support claimed it worked but it didn’t.

The light-striking is possibly due to the hammer spring, I have not been able to test replacing it.

The issue with the slide not locking back was due to the slide catch moving slightly to the left side and therefor the follower on the mag could not push it up and engage the slide.

Yesterday I got a new SSP1 (yes I paid for a second one to see if it would have the same issues). So far it has none of the issues I had with the first one, even with the same mags, so it indicates that the first one was indeed faulty.

Another thing to note is that the old slide works with the new lower, so the issue is not in the slide or any part attached to the slide.

The new one has a nicer feeling trigger as well, not sure if they changed something with the trigger or if the first one was just bad all around.

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