Tokyo Marui Mk18

Tokyo Marui Mk18

I got my Tokyo Marui Mk18 a couple of weeks ago, I ordered it from with their Basic Upgrade and a Spectre Mk.II mofset without the Bluetooth, I already have the Bluetooth version in my TM HK416 Delta Custom and don’t use the Bluetooth function enough to be worth the extra cost it brings.

The customer support was very good and they even brought home a couple of items not in their inventory to complete the build in a way that I wanted it done. So I can say their customer service is very good.

The gun itself performs as you would expect a TM to, it shoots good and is accurate. I asked mine to shoot below 1J to be able to use it in CQB as those are the rules where I play. I run it with 0.28 ASG Open Blaster Bio BB’s and it shoots around 0.8J with those and for me it’s just where I want it.

It has a snappy trigger response and combined with the Vortex Sparc AR it shoots where I expect it to.

When it comes to accessories I have added a PTS EPG, PTS EPS, PTS EPF2-S, Vortex Sparc AR, Vortex VMX-T3 Magnifier, Acetech Predator Tracer Module with the VFC KACM4, NightEvolution M300A Mini Scoutlight, and a Haley Strategic D3 Sling.

I try to only have things on it that will benefit me and that I have a use case for, and at the same time allows me to run the gun in the same setup regardless of where I bring it.

Like with all TM’s I have tried I would recommend it. I would also recommend Airsoft CNC shop, specially if you live in Sweden, they have good prices and are very accommodating when it comes to helping you get what you need.

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